MBPT, EFT, EDF + Ab initio

MBPT, EFT, EDF + Ab initio

Workshops on Many-Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT), Effective Field Theory (EFT) and Energy Density Functional (EDF) methods

 + Nuclear physics within ab initio approaches


21-24 May 2024

Nuclear ab initio spectroscopy

 Organizers:  T. Duguet (CEA DRF DPhN, contact), M. Frosini (CEA DES IRESNE), G. Hagen (Oak Ridge Nat. Lab), R. Roth (TU Darmstadt)  


8-27 April 2024

Effective Field theory and Strong interaction with accurate error estimation

 Organizers:  L. Contessi (CNRS-IJCLab, contact), M. Schafer (Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences)


30 May- 2 June 2023

Eigenvector continuation method in nuclear structure and reaction theory

 Organizers:  T. Duguet (CEA,contact), A. Ekström (Chalmers U.), R. J. Furnstahl (The Ohio State U.), S. König (NC State U.), D. Lee (FRIB, MSU)


5-8 June 2023

Automated tools for many-body theory

 Organizers:  P. Arthuis (TU Darmstadt, EMMI GSI), T. Duguet (CEA DPhN, contact), F. A. Evangelista (Emory Univ. Georgia)


20-24 November 2023

Nuclear energy density functional method: going beyond the minefield

 Organizers:  B. Bally (ESNT, CEA, contact), J.P. Ebran (CEA DAM, DIF), T. Duguet (CEA Saclay DRF)


May, 13-17th 2019

Symmetry breaking and symmetry preserving schemes:

how to efficiently grasp collective correlations in mesoscopic many-body systems?

Organizers: J.P Ebran (CEA, DAM), T. Duguet (CEA DPhN), V. Somà (DPhN, contact) A. Tichai (ESNT, contact)


 26-30th March 2018

Many-body perturbation theories in modern quantum chemistry and nuclear physics
Organizers: A. Tichai (CEA ESNT), T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay DPhN, contact), E. Giner (LCT, Univ. P&M Curie).


27th February- 2nd March 2017

Pertinent ingredients for Multi-Reference EDF calculations
Organizers : B. Bally (ESNT, contact), M. Bender (IPNL), T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay SPhN).


16-20th January 2017

The tower of effective field theories and the emergence of nuclear phenomena   

Organizers : V. Bontems (CEA-Saclay LARSIM), T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay SPhN, contact), S. Gandolfi (LANL, Los Alamos), G. Hagen (ORNL, Oak Ridge), J.D. Holt (TRIUMF, Vancouver), J.R. Karlsen (Univ. of Bergen), S. Panebianco (SPhN). Workshop co-organized by LARSIM and ESNT.


30 mars-2 avril 2015
Near-degenerate systems in nuclear structure and quantum chemistry from ab-initio many-body methods

Organizers : C. Barbieri (Univ. of Surrey), T. Duguet (SPhN-contact), R. J. Bartlett (Univ of Florida), G. E. Scuseria (Rice Univ., Houston)


Mai 2014

Effective Field Theory of Nuclear Forces and the Many-Body Problem  

Organizers : Th. Duguet (SPhN-contact), B. Long (Sichuan Univ.), M. P. Valderamma (IPNO), V. Somà (SPhN), U. van Kolck (IPNO and Arizona Univ.)


24-28 novembre 2014

New developments in nuclear energy-density-functional models

Organizers: Th. Lesinski, Th. Duguet (SPhN)


4 - 5 mars 2013

Nuclear forces from effective field theory

Organizers: T. Duguet (contact), M. P. Valderrama, U. van Kolck


March 23 - April 2013

Ab initio DFT, relation between the energy of a nucleus and the density at its center

Organizers: B. Giraud, B. Barrett, J. Carbonell



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