Symmetry breaking and symmetry preserving schemes

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May 13-17th                                     PROGRAM     ProgramESNTsymmetryMay19.pdf


Symmetry breaking and symmetry preserving schemes : how to efficiently grasp collective correlations in mesoscopic many-body systems?


Organizers: J.P Ebran (CEA, DAM), T. Duguet (CEA DPhN), V. Somà (DPhN, contact) A. Tichai (ESNT, contact)


The goals of the workshop are:
1. To review the various state of the art approaches developed to tackle the many-body problem;
2. To put in vis-a-vis the symmetry-preserving and symmetry-unrestricted approaches;
3. To transfer the know-how of techniques specific to one or the other of the two strategies in order to build new hybrid approaches.



Exposés -TALKS- Invited speakers


Introductory Lectures
1. P. Palacios, Emergent symmetry breaking in finite systems: philosophical aspects
2. L. M. Robledo, UAM Madrid, Basic elements of group theory in quantum mechanics
3. L. M. Robledo, UAM Madrid, Fundamentals of symmetry breaking and restoration
4. T. Duguet, CEA-Saclay DPhN, Breaking and restoring symmetries beyond the mean-field.


Scientific talks

1. Energy density functional (EDF) and Shell-Model (SM) methods


  • M. Bender, IPNL, State-of-the-art multi-reference EDF calculations. I. Odd systems
  • T. Rodriguez Frutos, UAM Madrid, State-of-the-art multi-reference EDF calculations. II. Shape and pairing fluctuations
  • M. Bender, IPNL, Spuriousities in the multi-reference EDF formalism
  • N. Pillet, CEA DAM, Symmetry-conserving multi-particle/multi-hole calculations
  • J.-P. Ebran, CEA DAM, Symmetry considerations in the relativistic EDF method
  • C.W. Johnson, Shell model far from stability
  • A. Gorling, Symmetry in density functional theory


2. Ab initio many-body methods


  • H. Hergert, MSU,  Multi-reference in-medium similarity renormalization group theory
  • C. Yannouleas, Symmetry breaking and restoration for ring-trapped ions and neutral atoms
  • M. Frosini, High-order Bogoliubov many-body perturbation theory
  • U. Meißner, Nucleons on a Lattice: Symmetry Breaking & Restoration
  • V. Somà, CEA Saclay, Particle-number breaking self-consistent Gorkov Green’s function calculations
  • M. Veis, Hartree-Fock and many-body perturbation theory for periodic helical systems
  • A. Tichai, CEA-Saclay, ESNT, Particle-number-projected Bogoliubov many-body perturbation theory
  • J. Ripoche, Univ. Paris-Saclay, Normal-ordering approximation in particle-number breaking theories
  • C. Robin, Single-particle relaxation effects from the multi-particle-multi-hole configuration mixing approach


PROGRAM (updated, 29th March)
















9h45 P. Palacios   9h30 M. Bender (I) N. Pillet C. Robin M. Bender (I)M. Bender (II)
11h Break  



Break Break Break
  L. Robledo (I)   11h J. P. Ebran C. Johnson H. Hergert U. Meißner*



  12h LunchLunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14h15 L. Robledo (II)   14h J. Ripoche L. Rodriguez V. Somà M. Veis
15h30 Break   15h Break Break Break Break
16h T. Duguet   15h30 A. Tichai A. Gorling C. Yannouleas M. Frosini



  Discussions Discussions End



*DPhN colloquium, see the abstract.



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