PAUL BONCHE at SPhT with Roger Balian (right side) and Annie Gervois (left)

Paul Bonche worked as a theorist in the Nuclear Theory department (SPhT) of CEA-Saclay, DSM-DAPNIA, from 1972 to 2006.



Since Paul Bonche was a founding member of the ESNT, we wanted to have a page on this Web site specially dedicated to his memory and to his activities, and to give a tribute to his research works in nuclear structure.



Bulletin de la société française de physique- Prix Jolie-Curie décerné à Paul Bonche en 1989



Amongst the many topics he was interested in, here is a selection of the works he developed:

► Hartree-Fock Bogogliubov (HFB) methods with effective interactions, well adapted to the treatment of the nuclear structure problems of finite nuclei, in particular for exotic weakly-bound nuclei;  applications to the phenomena of shape coexistence, super-deformation;

description of nuclear rotations and of the large amplitude collective correlations;

► Formalism and techniques for Time Dependent Hartree Fock (TDHF) calculations, which can be applied to nuclear reactions; 

► Self-consistent mean-field methods;

► Developments of new Skyrme interactions.



Paul Bonche was also involved in the understanding of the problems related to the nuclear power and energy production, and he was an active member (chief-editor) of the CESEN group (Cercle d’Etudes Sur l’Energie Nucléaire), established at Saclay in the 90ies, and  composed by volunteer physicists willing to examine the questions of nuclear energy.


Reports of the works made by the group can be found in the book published by EDP Sciences in 2002.

"Le nucléaire expliqué par des physiciens "


Web site:

A selected list of his publications  (click to see the page)


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