Post-doc Call 2021


Call for a postdoctoral position at ESNT

20 January 2021

The ESNT, “Espace de Structure et réactions Nucléaires Théorique” (Nuclear Structure and reaction Theory) opens a postdoctoral position starting from September, 2021.
The initial contract is for one year with a possible extension for a second year (to be decided in 2022).
The ESNT, a framework for theoretical activities in nuclear structure and reactions, has been created by two CEA laboratories, SPN (DAM) and DPhN (DRF) carrying out research in low energy nuclear physics. It aims at strengthening the relations between theorists and experimentalists. The goal of this structure is also to coordinate scientific activities through the organization of workshops, in collaboration with short- (from a few days) or long-term (up to a few months) visitors, and through the works undertaken within a post-doc program. Besides pursuing their own research activity, the successful candidate is expected to participate in the various ESNT activities and to organize a topical workshop during the contract period.
The activities of the ESNT take place in the Nuclear Physics Department (DPhN) of the CEA Saclay. More information about the ESNT programs and future projects can be found at:


For the development of their project proposal, the applicants are invited to take account of the theoretical and experimental environment of the ESNT and to examine the activities of groups* with which they might enter into collaboration according to their themes of interest.

The application should include (in separate PDF files) the following documents:
- A short summary of research activities and expertise fields (maximum 2 pages),
- A curriculum vitae,
- A list of publications and conference contributions (talks and posters), 
- The research project foreseen in the framework of ESNT (maximum of 4 pages), including a short summary of the scientific context and the planned work program during the contract.


The candidates are also requested to arrange for two letters of reference to be sent directly to the steering committee.


The full dossier (zip directory) should be sent to the steering committee before March, 10th. Proposals for projects matching the ESNT criteria will then be transmitted to the scientific council. The selection process will take place in April. The applicants will be informed about the decision no later than May 5th.The successful candidate will then have to start the administrative formalities at the beginning of May (at least three months are required, before the possible official start date of the contract). 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any complementary information,


The steering committee


* Experimental activities at DPhN ( ):
- of LENA  
- of LEARN 
* Activities of the nuclear structure theory group at DPhN: 
* Experimental and theoretical activities at CEA-DAM SPN: 



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