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A scientific council is held once per year to examine the past year activity and to select the new projects.

A steering committee (click to see contact addresses) of 2 physicists (1 DRF-DPhN and 1 of DAM-SPN) is the coordinator for all the ESNT activities. Every project whatever the form, can be sent to the steering committee. It will be evaluated by the scientific Council of the ESNT, the main criteria being the scientific relevance as well as the issues and work perspectives for the whole community working in the nuclear structure and reaction fields.


 Typical (but not limitative) possible formats of the projects are:

  • Workshops with several days of talks, discussions;  
  • Informal talks and meetings for specific topics of works, calculations, during few days or weeks;
  • Lectures, Tutorials

Note that the talks are always given during open sessions and announced widely to the community. Tutorials are usually provided to a small list of registered participants.


A call for projects is launched once a year in June and the deadline for the submission to the ESNT steering committee is approximately around September the 30th. A second call is sometimes sent in December (with deadline for the CS proposals in January 15th). The second call is optional, depending on resources, and it may be delayed by 2 or 3 months. If the project is complete and matches the ESNT criteria, it is transmitted to the scientific council for further evaluation. The decisions from the scientific council are transmitted nearly one month after the proposal submission and, if accepted, the project can be scheduled in the following months. Anytime of the year, in case you wish to submit a proposal, please contact the steering committee. 


The format for the proposal submission is given in the following file templates, they should be used to prepare your project proposal:

ProjectProposalESNT.tex     ProjectProposalESNT.pdf    ProjectProposalESNT.docx  )

The proposals have to be sent to the ESNT steering committee. If the project matches the ESNT criteria it is transmitted to the scientific council.


Budget estimates

The daily expenses of the speakers participating to the workshop, and/or of the collaborators involved in the ESNT project are supported by ESNT, within the budgetary conditions and limits discussed for each project between the organizers and the committees. Indications for budget estimates are given in the templates, other detailed information can be provided by the steering committee.

See also "Infomations pratiques-Practical information"

The SPhN laboratory gives support in terms of administrative help, offices, meeting rooms, computer and network.



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