Ateliers 2023

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Ateliers - ESNT Workshops and working groups- 2023


30 January- 3 February 2023
Quantitative Challenges in Short-Range Correlations in nuclei

Organizers:  T. Aumann (TU Darmstadt, GSI), S. Typel (TUD, GSI), A. Corsi (CEA DPhN, contact), Or Hen (MIT), J. Kahlbow (Tel Aviv Univ., MIT), E. Piasetzky (Tel Aviv Univ)


30 May- 2 June 2023

Eigenvector continuation method in nuclear structure and reaction theory

 Organizers:  T. Duguet (CEA,contact), A. Ekström (Chalmers U.), R. J. Furnstahl (The Ohio State U.), S. König (NC State U.), D. Lee (FRIB, MSU)


5-8 June 2023

Automated tools for many-body theory

 Organizers:  P. Arthuis (TU Darmstadt, EMMI GSI), T. Duguet (CEA DPhN, contact), F. A. Evangelista (Emory Univ. Georgia)


4-8 September 2023

Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Neutron-Proton Pairing and Quartet Correlations in Atomic Nuclei

 Organizers:  A. O. Macchiavelli (ORNL, contact), N. Sandulescu (IFIN-HH, contact)


20-24 November 2023

Nuclear energy density functional method: going beyond the minefield

 Organizers:  B. Bally (ESNT, CEA, contact), J.P. Ebran (CEA DAM, DIF), T. Duguet (CEA Saclay DRF)



Working groups  - to be scheduled in 2023

One week in 2023

2023 Extension of the project: Nuclear physics with antiprotons: a theory endeavor (see 2021, 2022 programs)

Organizers: J. Carbonell (IJCLab), G. Hupin (IJCLab, contact), R. Lazauskas (CNRS/IPHC), U. Van Kolck (IJCLab)


2022 extension cf Antiproton-nucleon and antiproton-nucleus interaction potentials

Working group: J. Carbonell (IJCLab), B. Loiseau (LPNHE), G. Hupin (IJCLab), R. Lazauskas (IPHC), S. Wycech (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Warsaw) 


One week

Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei -Observables of Electron-radioactive ion collisions

Organizers :  P. Delahaye (GANIL), Valérie Lapoux (DPhN, contact), Vittorio Somà (DPhN,contact),
Co-organizers for the working group: A. Chancé (DACM), F. Flavigny (LPC Caen), A. Matta (LPC Caen)

SCRIT (Self-Confining RI Ion Target) Visitors, seminar on 15th-16th February 


ESNT seminar talks


Talks on topics related to the working group activities and general talks given by the ESNT collaborators are announced a few weeks before the workshop periods.


15 Feb. 2023 11h-11h45  Kyo TSUKADA (Kyoto Univ.) Present status and future prospects of the SCRIT project  

15 Feb. 2023 11h45-12h Hikari WAUKE (Tohoku Univ.) Recent results of electron scattering at SCRIT facility



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