Nuclear physics with antiprotons - 2022

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Second session - 2022


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Nuclear physics with antiprotons: a theory endeavor

Organizers: Guillaume Hupin (IPNO, contact), U. (Bira) van Kolck (IPNO).
Co-organizers for the working group: Rimantas Lazauskas (CNRS/IPHC), Jaume Carbonell (IPNO).




The main goals of the workshop are:

1. To disseminate the current status and planned progress of the work of each members of the consortium and their collaborators.
2. To make practical steps on formal and numerical implementation of the modeling of antiprotonic states and reactions.
3. To foster an international collaboration on nuclear physics with antiprotons around the theory groups of Orsay/Saclay and Strasbourg.


N.B.The previous session was scheduled in November 2021 see 2021 antiprotons


Antiproton-nucleon and antiproton-nucleus interaction potentials

One month, 5th July-5th August, visit of S. Wycech (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Warsaw) 

Working group: J. Carbonell (IJCLab), B. Loiseau (LPNHE), G. Hupin (IJCLab), R. Lazauskas (IPHC)


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