Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Neutron-Proton Pairing

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4th-8th September




Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Neutron-Proton Pairing and Quartet Correlations in Atomic Nuclei




Augusto O. Macchiavelli (Oak Ridge National Lab., contact), Nicolae Sandulescu (IFIN-HH, National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering ; contact )

 The two previous ESNT workshops on np pairing have been mainly focused on the theoretical perspective, having in depth discussions on recent developments, in particular on the mean field description of np pairing and on the role of alpha-like quartets in N=Z nuclei.

In this workshop we will direct our attention to review the most recent experimental studies on np and quartet correlations, with the goal of reaching a consensus between theorists and experimentalists on what the (limited) body of available data is telling us about deuteron like pairing and the emergence of alpha-like quartet correlations and clustering.


The goals of the workshop are:

1. To review the most recent experimental studies on np pairing and quartet correlations.
2. To present new theoretical developments related to the topic.
3. To discuss possible experimental probes to further assess the nature of np correlations and the relevance of alpha-like degrees of freedom and clustering in nuclei, including super-allowed alpha decay and delayed alignment in N=Z nuclei. 




[Remote presentation via ZOOM: (z*) ]

N.B. The zoom link will be distributed to the registered participants.

[To register you need to send an e-mail to the contact organizer,sandulescu [at] theory.nipne.ro ]


M. Assié (IJCLab, Orsay) 

   Overview of np pairing studies by two-nucleon transfer reactions   TalkMAssié_ESNT4sept2023.pdf


+ Y. Ayyad (Santiago de Compostela) (z*) 

   Experimental np pairing studies through direct reactions


+ F. Barranco (Universidad de Sevilla) (z*)

   Pairing Vibrations and Giant Pairing Vibrations: beyond RPA and continuum effects

+ B. Cederwall (KTH, Stockholm) (z*)

   Effects of nuclear superfuidity on proton radioactivity and nuclear structure near the N=Z line


+ J. Cseh (ATOMKI, Debrecen) (z*) 

   Semi-microscopic algebraic approach to quarteting and its relation to other models    TalkJCseh_ESNT7sept2023.pdf

+ J. P. Ebran (CEA DAM, Bruyères -le-Châtel) 

    Quarteting, clustering and related decay modes    TalkJPEbran_ESNT7sept2023.pdf


+ D. Gambacurta (LNS, Catania) 

   Proton-neutron pairing in mean field calculations    TalkDGambacurta_ESNT7sept2023.pdf


+ E. Khan (IJCLab, Orsay) 

   How to reveal alphas in a nuclear state     TalkEKhan_ESNT6sept2023.pdf


+ P. Van Isacker (GANIL, Caen) 

   Alpha correlations and clustering in the shell model     TalkPvISacker_ESNT5sept2023.pdf


+ C. W. Johnson (SDSU, San Diego)    

   Disentangling nuclear wave functions     TalkCJohnson_ESNT7sept2023.pdf


+ A. Lagni (CEA Saclay)

   Study of Short Range Correlations in exotic nuclei      TalkALagni_ESNT6sept2023.pdf

+ J. A. Lay (Universidad de Sevilla) (z*) Structure and reactions aspects of np pairing


+ A. O. Macchiavelli (ORNL, Oak Ridge)

   Probing nucleon-nucleon correlations via (p,pd) QFS reactions     TalkAOMAcchiavelli_ESNT6sept2023.pdf


+ C. Petrache (IJCLab) 

   Search for cluster states in medium-heavy nuclei    TalkCPetrache_ESNT4sept2023.pdf


+ Th. Popa (IFIN-HH, Bucharest)
    Excited states of zero seniority based on a pair condensate     TalkThPopa_ESNT6sept2023.pdf

+ M. Sambataro (INFN, Catania)

   Quarteting in the excited states of N=Z nuclei     TalkMSambatoro_ESNT5sept2023.pdf


+ N. Sandulescu (IFIN-HH, Bucharest)    

   Overview of pairing and alpha-like quarteting in nuclei     TalkNSandulescu_ESNT5sept2023.pdf


+ A. Serban (CERN, Geneva)
   Probing alpha-clustering in N=Z nuclei by elastic alpha scattering    TalkASerban_ESNT5sept2023.pdf

+ A. Volya (FSU, Florida, Tallahassee) (z*) 

   Microscopic studies of clustering in light nuclei     TalkAVolya_ESNT5sept2023.pdf


+ ESNT-DPhN Seminar* on Friday 8th  10-10h45 A. W. Thomas (CSSM, Univ. of Adelaide, Australia)  (z*) 

   Recent results using the EDF derived from the quark-meson coupling model       TalkAWThomas_ESNT8sept2023.pdf

  See:  https://irfu.cea.fr/Phocea/Vie_des_labos/Seminaires/index.php?id=5044    SeminarAWThomasQMC2023.pdf


+ ESNT-DPhN Seminar* on Friday 8th  11-11h45 A. O. Macchiavelli (ORNL, Oak Ridge)    

    The Islands of Inversion from the Nilsson perspective     SeminarESNT_AOMacchiavelli2023.pdf

    See:  https://irfu.cea.fr/Phocea/Vie_des_labos/Seminaires/index.php?id=5037      SeminarDPhN2023AOMAcchiavelli.pdf




++ SUMMARY TALK OF THE ESNT SESSION C. Johnson    SummaryESNT2023_Johnson.pdf   ++



SCHEDULE 4th- 8th September

[ZOOM: (z*) ]














9h50-10h      Welcome

10-10h45 M. Assié N. Sandulescu E. Khan C. Johnson A. Thomas (z*) 


Break Break Break  Break



B. Cederwall (z*) M. Sambatoro A. Lagni D. Gambacurta 
DPhN seminar*
11h45-12h30 J. Lay (z*) P. Van Isacker A.O. Macchiavelli J. P. Ebran Summary
12h30-14h Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14h-14h45 Y. Ayyad (z*) A. Volya (z*) F. Barranco (z*) J. Cseh (z*)  
14h45-15h Break Break Break Break  


C. Petrache

A. Serban 

Th. Popa



15h30-16h Discussions Discussions Discussions Discussions  



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