Ateliers - 2017 - Workshops

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Ateliers - ESNT Workshops - 2017


16-20th January 2017

The tower of effective field theories and the emergence of nuclear phenomena   

Organizers : V. Bontems (CEA-Saclay LARSIM), T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay SPhN, contact), S. Gandolfi (LANL, Los Alamos), G. Hagen (ORNL, Oak Ridge), J.D. Holt (TRIUMF, Vancouver), J.R. Karlsen (Univ. of Bergen), S. Panebianco (SPhN). Workshop co-organized by LARSIM and ESNT.


30th January-3rd February 2017

Dynamics of highly unstable exotic light nuclei and few-body systems

Organizers : J. Carbonell (IPN Orsay, contact), Didier Beaumel (IPNO), R. Lazauskas (CNRS/IPHC),  E. Hiyama (Strangeness Nuclear Physics Laboratory, RIKEN), F. Miguel Marqués (LPC Caen).


27th February- 2nd March 2017

Pertinent ingredients for Multi-Reference EDF calculations
Organizers : B. Bally (ESNT, contact), M. Bender (IPNL), T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay SPhN).


 27th -30th March 2017

Physics at the Super Separator Spectrometer S3

Organizers : Antoine Drouart  (CEA DRF, Irfu, SPhN, contact), Lucia Caceres (GANIL), Julien Piot (GANIL).


Autumn 2017

Shape coexistence and electric monopole transitions in atomic nuclei 

Organizers : E. Clément (GANIL), W. Korten (CEA Irfu, SPhN contact), M. Zielinska (CEA Irfu, SPhN), T. Kibedi (Australian National University, Canberra), J. Wood (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta).



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