Dynamics of highly unstable exotic light nuclei and few-body systems

30th January  3rd February 2017          PROGRAM  ProgESNTDynamics_27Jan2017.pdf (updated 27 Jan.)


Organizers: J. Carbonell (IPN Orsay, ), D. Beaumel (IPNO), R. Lazauskas (CNRS/IPHC), E. Hiyama (Strangeness Nuclear Physics Laboratory, RIKEN), F. Miguel Marqués (LPC Caen).


The goals of the project are to discuss and establish the following key points:
1. Relation and efficiency of different ab-initio techniques : Faddeev-Yakubovsky equations, Hyperspherical Harmonics, Gaussian expansion method;
2. Description of the weakly bound and unstable few-particle quantum systems (4n, 5H, 7H, pentaquark,..).
3. Dynamics of the unstable nuclei – key observables, correlations. Reaction mechanisms and models, impact of broad resonances on the experimental observables : description of 4He(8He,8Be)4n reaction using approximate reaction mechanism, ab-initio description of pi-(4He, 4n)pi+ reaction, envisaged in RIKEN and J-PARC experiment aiming to put into evidence 4n resonances.
4. Relation between neutron-rich and proton-rich sector (4H and 4Li, 5H and 5Be...). Signatures of charge symmetry breaking.


Exposés -TALKS

(one hour is allocated for each speaker, which can be distributed into 45 min. for the talk and 15 min. for questions and discussions). 


— E. Hiyama, RIKEN, "Structure of light neutron-rich nucleus, 5H TalkEmikoHiyama_ESNT_31Jan17.pdf


— R. Lazauskas, IPHC Strasbourg,  "Description of neutron-rich light nuclei using FY equation formalism"   



— J. M. Richard, IPN Lyon, "Level-rearrangement in three-body systems TalkRichard_ESNT_1Feb17.pdf


— T. Myo, Osaka Institute of Technology, "Tensor-optimized antisymmetrized molecular dynamics for light nuclei with bare interaction"


— M. Marques, LPC Caen, "Experimental constraints on the formation and detection of neutron clusters



— D. Beaumel, IPN Orsay, "Heavy hydrogens studied by transfer" TalkBeaumel_ESNT_31Jan17.pdf

— Yoichi Ikeda, Osaka Univ.,  "Exotic hadrons from lattice QCD"   TalkYIkeda_ESNT_2Feb17.pdf

— S. Shimoura, Tokyo Univ., "Tetra-neutron system populated by reaction of exotic beam"

— P. Naidon, RIKEN, "Interacting Bose polarons : from the Yukawa to the Efimov attraction" TalkNaidon_ESNT_3Feb17.pdf

— M. Valdés, IPHC Strasbourg, "Resonant antiproton-positronium collisions and antihydrogen production TalkValdes_ESNT_2Feb17.pdf


— H. Fujioka, Kyoto Univ., "pion DCX reaction revisited, as an alternative method to populate the 4n state"

— R. Kezerashvili, City Univ New York, "Mechanisms of pion double charge reaction and search of trineutron and tetraneutron"



— L. Pricoupenko, LTMC Jussieu, Paris, "Few atoms in atomic wave-guides"   TalkPricoupenko_ESNT_3Feb17.pdf

— M. Ploszajczak, CEA/GANIL, "Ab initio No-Core Gamow Shell Model calculations with realistic interactions"

— T. Nakamura,TITech Univ., Tokyo, "Structure of nuclei along and beyond the neutron drip line TalkNakamura_ESNT_2Feb17.pdf


— S. Paschalis, ”Does (8He)-alpha=(4n) or just 4n ? An experimental approach


— H. Sakai, RIKEN, "Revisiting the 3n system and possible new measurements"   TalkSakai_ESNT_31Jan17.pdf


— Y. Sun, CEA Saclay SPhN, "Coulomb and nuclear break-up of halo nuclei"

— Y. Kubota, RIKEN, "Two-neutron correlation in Borromean nuclei via the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction"

— T. Uesaka, RIKEN
— N. Orr, LPC Caen

— J. Carbonell, IPN Orsay.


WORKSHOP PROGRAM (updated 1st Feb.)


Monday 30th


Tuesday 31st


Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd

9h30-10h Arrival



10h D. Beaumel

10h J.M. Richard

10h T. Nakamura

10h P. Naidon
11h E. Hiyama 11h T. Myo

11h Y. Ikeda

11h L. Pricoupenko

12h H. Sakai 12h M.Ploszajczak

12h M. Marques

12h Y. Kubota

12h30 Lunch 13h Lunch                     13h Lunch

14h ESNT Welcome




S. Shimoura


S. Paschalis



R. Lazauskas


M. Valdés

16h30 Coffee break 

16h30 Coffee break

17h H. Fujioka DISCUSSIONS




17h Y. Sun

18h R. Kezerashvili  


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