Shape coexistence and electric monopole transitions in atomic nuclei

23-27 October 2017   (5 days)    PROGRAM 


Organizers:   E. Clément (GANIL), W. Korten (CEA Irfu, SPhN )  M. Zielinska (CEA Irfu, SPhN), T. Kibedi (Australian National University, Canberra), J. Wood (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta).

The goals of the project are:
1. Review the available experimental data, both for nuclear ground state and for excited states, in several isotopic chains in which shape coexistence is observed, and identify benchmark cases for theory.
2. Review the theoretical predictions for these benchmark cases and discuss possible new experimental approaches.
3. Review progress in the detection of E0 decays (including long-lived isomeric states) and the theoretical progress to calculate E0 transition rates; explore the link between the low-energy electric monopole mode, nuclear cluster structure and the Giant Monopole Resonance.
4. Identify any significant missing contributions both from the experimental and theoretical point of view.



Exposés -TALKS Preliminary list



  • K. Heyde, U. Gent, "Introduction to theoretical shape coexistence studies".
  • T. Otsuka, University of Tokyo, "Shell evolution, Shape transition and shape coexistence with realistic nuclear forces".
  • M. Martini, CEA IRFU/SPhN, Saclay, "Transition Probabilities in QRPA approximation".
  • T. R. Rodrìguez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, "Collective and Single-Particle Motion in Beyond Mean Field Approaches".
  • P. Van Isacker, GANIL, "Interacting boson model approaches for the description of shape coexistence".
  • A. Poves, Univ. Autonoma de Madrid, "Nuclear Shapes: A monopole guided tour into the quadrupole realm
  • J. Wood, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,  "Introduction to experimental shape coexistence studies".
  • T. Kibedi, ANU, Canberra, "Introduction to E0 excitation/decay mode".
  • E. Clément, GANIL, "Shape coexistence at Z=40, A=100".
  • T. Cocolios, KU Leuven,  "Nuclear charge radii and shape coexistence".
  • P. Garrett, Univ. of Guelph, Canada, "Collective excitations in Cd/Sn isotopes".
  • L. Gaudefroy, CEA DAM/DIF, "Shape coexistence at N=28".
  • D. Verney, IPN Orsay,  "Shape coexistence at N=50".
  • S. N. Liddick, Michigan State University, "Shape coexistence in the 68Ni region".
  • A. Görgen, Univ. Oslo,  "Shape coexistence in Z~34, N~40 nuclei".
  • D. Rowe, Univ. Toronto, "An algebraic mean-field theory of shape coexistence in nuclei".
  • J. Pakarinen, Univ. of Jyväskylä,  "Conversion-electron spectroscopy at JYFL and ISOLDE".
  • P. Van Duppen, KU Leuven,  "Shape coexistence in the vicinity of Z= 82".
  • M. Venhart, Slovak Academy of Sciences, "TATRA decay station at ISOLDE and shape coexistence in odd-mass Au".
  • M. Zielinska, CEA IRFU/SPhN, Saclay,  "Shape coexistence at Z=20".   


WORKSHOP PROGRAM  (to be given in Summer 2017)




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