Shape coexistence and electric monopole transitions in atomic nuclei

23-27 October 2017                     PROGRAM  ESNTProjectShapesandE0_v3oct17.pdf


Organizers:   E. Clément (GANIL), W. Korten (CEA Irfu, SPhN )  M. Zielinska (CEA Irfu, SPhN), T. Kibedi (Australian National University, Canberra), J. Wood (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta).

The goals of the project are to:
1. review the available experimental data, both for nuclear ground state and for excited states, in several isotopic chains in which shape coexistence is observed, and identify benchmark cases for theory.
2. review the theoretical predictions for these benchmark cases and discuss possible new experimental approaches.
3. review progress in the detection of E0 decays (including long-lived isomeric states) and the theoretical progress to calculate E0 transition rates; explore the link between the low-energy electric monopole mode, nuclear cluster structure and the Giant Monopole Resonance.
4. identify any significant missing contributions both from the experimental and theoretical point of view.



Exposés -TALKS- Invited speakers




Small talks during discussion sessions:



CONTRIBUTION- November 2017.

K . Heyde, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Ghent,

Shape coexistence : Introduction to theoretical shape coexistence studies,   ContributionESNT_KHeyde_History_3nov17.pdf


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  Monday 23th


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Rowe (45')

Ebran (45’)

Kibedi (45’)

Rodriguez (45')




Wood (45')

Poves (45') Niksic (45’) Garnsworthy(45’)  discussion
11h00 11h Coffee Break

11h Coffee Break

Coffee Break

11h30 Verney (30') Liddick (30') Courtin(30')

Pakarinen (30’)

Raabe (30')

12h00 Discussion    Discussion      Discussion      Discussion   Discussion 
12h45 Lunch break Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

Van Isacker (45')

Otsuka (45’)

Bender (45’)

Scheit (45’)

Breakout groups





Van Duppen (30’) 

Gorgen (30’)

Gaudefroy (30’) 

Cocolios (30’)






16h15 break  break



Venhart (30’)

Zielinska I (30’)

Zielinska II (30’)

Garrett (30’)

17h15 Discussion


Singh (10')

Discussion Discussion
18h00 End  End End




During the discussion short contributions (few slides) will be possible.
Friday afternoon is kept free for follow-up discussions in smaller groups.



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