Physics at the Super Separator Spectrometer

27th - 30th March 2017          PROGRAM  Physics at S3      ProgramESNTphysicsAtS3March17.pdf




Organizers:  A. Drouart (CEA SPhN, ) L. Caceres (Ganil), J. Piot (Ganil).


The goals of the project are:
1. to obtain an overall view of the physics goals and update the physics programs;
2. to create new collaboration, re-enforcing the existent one;
3. to gather together experimentalists and theoreticians in order to create strong collaboration between both fields;
4. to encourage exchanges among the different groups focus in different areas of the nuclear chart;

5. to form working groups based on experimental synergies, in order to study the technical developments needed to accomplish the foreseen Letters of Intent;
6. to develop future proposals, defining the needs to accomplish the experiments in terms of theoretical and technical wise.


Exposés -TALKS


Monday 27 March- S3 Instrumentation

S3 Status update, H. Savajols  S3_Status_Update_HSavajols.pdf
SIRIUS Implantation Decay Station, B. Sulignano  SIRIUS_BSulignano.pdf
Perspectives with the S3 Low - Energy Branch, P. Van Duppen    LowEnergyBranch_PvanDuppen.pdf
Mass separation and mass measurement capabilities/opportunities with PILGRIM, P. Delahaye   PILGRIM_PDelahaye.pdf
DESIR: Timeline & Physics program, J-C. Thomas    DESIR_JCThomas.pdf
FISIC, E. Lamour   FISIC_ELamour.pdf


Tuesday 28 March - Heavy and Superheavy Elements
Introduction, P. Greenlees
Shapes and alpha-decay of superheavy nuclei, D. Vretenar   SuperHeavy_DVretenar.pdf

The structure of heavy and superheavy nuclei with an assessment of theoretical uncertainties, A. Afanasjev StructureSHE_AAfanasjev.pdf
Description of properties of heavy and very heavy nuclei: mean field and beyond, M. Bender   PropertiesSHE_MBender.pdf
X-ray tagging for heavy and superheavy nuclei, D. Ackermann  XraySHE_DAckermann.pdf
Nuclear structure and decay spectroscopy of seaborgium and rutherfordium isotopes, S.  Antalic   SpectroRfSg_SAntalic.pdf
High resolution resonance ionization spectroscopy of actinides with REGLIS3, R. Ferrer   LaserIonizSHE_Rferrer.pdf
In-trap spectroscopy with MLLtrap, A. Lopez-Martens  Intrap_Spectro_ALopezMartens.pdf

Discussion session, Summary, P. Greenlees


Wednesday 29 March - N = Z nuclei
Introduction, P. Van Duppen
Open problems at the N=Z line, P. Van Isacker    N=Zline_PvanIsacker.pdf

Review of shell model results in the 100Sn region, K. Sieja   SHellModelN=Z_KSieja.pdf
Cluster radioactivity studies at S3, B. Blank   Cluster_BBlank.pdf
The 100Sn factory, D. Seweryniak   100Sn_DSeweryniak.pdf
Single particle states and proton-neutron interaction in the 100Sn region, L. Caceres     100SnRegion_LCaceres.pdf
Resonant ionization spectroscopy of 94Ag and neutron-deficient Sn isotopes, I. Moore    ResonantIon94Ag_IMoore.pdf
Quadrupole moments of isomeric states @S3, G. Georgiev   QMoments_GGeorgiev.pdf

Discussion session, Summary,  P. Van Duppen
Discussions: LEB Instrumentation for the first S3 experiments & synergies with DESIR, Conveners: P. Van Duppen and B. Blank


Thursday 30 March - Masses
Introduction, P. Delahaye
Modern nuclear mass models, S. Goriely     Masses_SGoriely.pdf
High-precision mass measurements at DESIR with S3 beams, P. Ascher  NdeficientMasses_PAscher.pdf
Future perspectives for mass measurements of the heaviest elements, M. Block   SHEMAssesMeas_MBlock.pdf

Physics with the MLL trap at Alto and S3, E. Minaya Ramirez   MLLTRAP_EMinaya.pdf

Thursday 30 March - Reaction dynamics
Introduction, C. Theisen 
Mean-field and beyond mean-field description of large amplitude motion:
application to transfer and fission, D. Lacroix   MicroReactionDynamics_DLacroix.pdf
Synthesis of super-heavy-elements: what can we predict?, D. Boilley   SHEProduction_DBoilley.pdf

Can we produce new isotopes of Sg -> Cn with an uranium target ?, C. Stodel   UTargetsFusion_ChStodel.pdf
Observation of new transuranium isotopes in multinucleon transfer reactions.



WORKSHOP PROGRAM (updated 20th March) S3WorkshopAgenda20March17.pdf


All sessions held in Galilée seminar room, building 713 except during Tuesday p.m.



Monday 27th



Tuesday 28th


Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th



8h55-10h30 TALKS

Heavy and 

superheavy elements


8h55-10h30 TALKS

N = Z nuclei


8h55-10h30 TALKS



  10h30 Break  10h00 Break

10h30 Break 



11h-12h20 TALKS

Heavy and superheavy elements


10h30-12h10 TALKS

 N = Z nuclei

11h-12h45  TALKS

Reaction Dynamics


[Galilée room]

[building 713]

[room 135]

[bldg 703- SPhN] 

[Galilée room] 

[Galilée room]  

13h30 Welcome

13h50 Introduction


14h Summary


13h30 Summary 14h Summary


S3 Instrumentation  16h05 break 


Heavy and superheavy elements

Open Discussion


N = Z nuclei

Open Discussion


Open Discussion


S3 Instrumentation 


16h30-18h30 Discussion

 LEB instrumentation & synergies with DESIR


Closed session

Management board



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