Physics at the Super Separator Spectrometer

27th - 30th March 2017          PROGRAM  Physics at S3      ProgramESNTphysicsAtS3March17.pdf




Organizers:  A. Drouart (CEA SPhN, ) L. Caceres (Ganil), J. Piot (Ganil).


The goals of the project are:
1. to obtain an overall view of the physics goals and update the physics programs;
2. to create new collaboration, re-enforcing the existent one;
3. to gather together experimentalists and theoreticians in order to create strong collaboration between both fields;
4. to encourage exchanges among the different groups focus in different areas of the nuclear chart;

5. to form working groups based on experimental synergies, in order to study the technical developments needed to accomplish the foreseen Letters of Intent;
6. to develop future proposals, defining the needs to accomplish the experiments in terms of theoretical and technical wise.


Exposés -TALKS





WORKSHOP PROGRAM (updated 20th March) S3WorkshopAgenda20March17.pdf


All sessions held in Galilée seminar room, building 713 except during Tuesday p.m.



Monday 27th



Tuesday 28th


Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th



8h55-10h30 TALKS

Heavy and 

superheavy elements


8h55-10h30 TALKS

N = Z nuclei


8h55-10h30 TALKS



  10h30 Break  10h00 Break

10h30 Break 



11h-12h20 TALKS

Heavy and superheavy elements


10h30-12h10 TALKS

 N = Z nuclei

11h-12h45  TALKS

Reaction Dynamics


[Galilée room]

[building 713]

[room 135]

[bldg 703- SPhN] 

[Galilée room] 

[Galilée room]  

13h30 Welcome

13h50 Introduction


14h Summary


13h30 Summary 14h Summary


S3 Instrumentation  16h05 break 


Heavy and superheavy elements

Open Discussion


N = Z nuclei

Open Discussion


Open Discussion


S3 Instrumentation 


16h30-18h30 Discussion

 LEB instrumentation & synergies with DESIR


Closed session

Management board



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