Ateliers - 2016 - Workshops

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Ateliers - ESNT Workshops - in 2016


25-27 April 2016

Electron-radioactive ion collisions: theoretical and experimental challenges

Organizers:  T. Suda (Tohoku Univ.), V. Tsukuda (Tohoku Univ), A. Corsi (SPhN) V. Somà (SPhN, contact)


18-22 April 2016

Two-body current contributions in neutrino-nucleus scattering
Organizers : M. Martini (ESNT, contact), M. Barbaro (Univ Turin, INFN), S. Bolognesi (IRFU/SPP),

M. Ericson (IPNL et CERN), N. Jachowicz (Ghent Univ, Belgium)



19-21 January 2016

Production and study of neutron-rich hypernuclei-Physics and potentialities at FAIR/R3B

Organizers: T. Aumann (TU Darmstadt), J.-C. David (CEA, SPhN), A. Obertelli (CEA, SPhN) and Takehiko Saito (GSI)


11-16-January 2016

Comment écrire la science ?

Organisateurs: V. Bontems (CEA LARSIM) ; Th. Duguet (SPhN-contact), S. Panebianco (SPhN)




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