Ateliers - 2021 - Workshops

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Ateliers - ESNT Workshops - 2021


One week- 6-10 September (webinar)

Lectures on scattering resonances

Organizers: L. Contessi (CEA ESNT), J. Kirscher (Univ. Manchester)



 Two weeks (one in 2021, one in 2022)

Nuclear physics with antiprotons: a theory endeavor

Organizers: G. Hupin (IPNO, contact), U. Van Kolck (IPNO).
Co-organizers for the working group:  R. Lazauskas (CNRS/IPHC), J. Carbonell (IPNO).



Ateliers - ESNT Workshops - 2021-2022


One week

Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei -Observables of Electron-radioactive ion collisions

Organizers :  P. Delahaye (GANIL), Valérie Lapoux (DPhN, contact), Vittorio Somà (DPhN,contact),
Co-organizers for the working group: A. Chancé (DACM), F. Flavigny (LPC Caen), A. Matta (LPC Caen)




ESNT seminar talks


Talks on topics related to the working group activities and general talks given by the ESNT collaborators are announced a few weeks before the workshop periods.


Lorenzo Contessi, Multi-fermion systems with contact theories

seminar 8 Oct. 2021  TALK

SeminarLContessiESNT8oct2021.pdf  TalkESNT_LContessi_8oct2021.pdf




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