Lectures on scattering resonances

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One week - 6-10 September 2021



Five lectures on scattering resonances



Website:  http://esnt.cea.fr/Phocea/Page/index.php?id=99


Organizers:  Lorenzo Contessi (CEA ESNT, contact)a, Johannes Kirscher (Univ. Manchester)b

a.  CEA, ESNT, Irfu, DPhN, Université Paris-Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France ;  lorenzo.contessi [at] cea.fr

b. Theoretical Physics Division, School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK ;

johannes.kirscher [at] manchester.ac.uk




Scattering resonances, the effect of two colliding particles forming a meta-stable quasi-bound state with a characteristic  sharp peak in the cross section is one of the most striking phenomena in hadronic, nuclear, and atomic experiments. 

However, despite being frequently observed, their theoretical description and prediction is non-trivial, especially when the resonating fragments are not elementary particles.

This five-lecture series aims to elaborate on this phenomenon as it is measured, theorized, numerical predicted, and interpreted in particle,
nuclear, and atomic fields. A balanced exposition of both, the theoretical understanding and the experimental relevance and interpretation from the various fields, shall identify common fallacies in the identification and quantification of resonance parameters.


The lectures are intended for a broad audience, and we would like to encourage especially the participation of early-career and Ph.D. researchers.

A expression of interest can be filled before the --/--/2021 on: https://forms.gle/38uuCPqYYV9UpuR58



PROGRAM  TALKS (to be confirmed)

Talks are organized every day at 9am (EST) / 2pm (GMT) / 3pm (CET) / 


1) Niels Walet (Univ. Manchester),  Introduction; basic theory; two- and many-body collisions

2) Miguel Marquez / Julien Gibelin (LPC Caen), Experimental aspects of nuclear resonances

3) Rimantas Lazauskas (IPHC), Numerical aspects of resonances

4) Chris Greene (Purdue Univ., Indiana), Resonances in atomic systems

5) TBD  Resonances in hadronic experiments



6-10 September, 9 am (EST) USA / 2 pm (GMT) UK / 3 pm (CET) France /10 pm Japan


Monday 6th


Tuesday 7th Wednesday 10th Thursday 9th Friday 10th
N. Walet

M. Marquez

J. Gibelin

R. Lazauskas C. Greene TBD


basic theory;

two- and many-body collisions

Experimental aspects

of nuclear resonances



of resonances


in atomic








Working group sessions Timetable, to be defined



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