Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei

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One week, 2nd half of 2021



Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei -Observables of Electron-radioactive ion collisions

Organizers :  P. Delahaye (GANIL), Valérie Lapoux (DPhN, contact), Vittorio Somà (DPhN,contact),
Co-organizers for the working group: A. Chancé (DACM), F. Flavigny (LPC Caen), A. Matta (LPC Caen)



Experts on Electron scattering and Self-confining Ion Trap technique (SCRIT)

T. Suda (Tohoku univ), T. Wakasugi (RIKEN, Kyoto univ) and the SCRIT group








The main goals of the workshop are:
1. To discuss the nuclear observables which can be extracted directly from the electron-ion collisions, with the required luminosity;
2. To review the nuclear structure theories providing calculations of the nuclear observables and the link between calculated form factors and measured cross sections;
3. To discuss the status of the electron-ion collider machines in Europe and their planned performances;
4. To prepare a summary report comparing the observables which can be reached (radii or density distributions…), depending on the domains of the nuclear chart covered by the various machines. The idea would be to present the feasible measurements and the possible interpretation of the density observables through structure theory calculations. This would allow us to prepare realistic physics cases for the PERLE machine.








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