Post-doc Call 2019



Call for a one-year postdoctoral position at ESNT

24 January 2019

A postdoctoral position is opened in the framework of the ESNT, “Espace de Structure et réactions Nucléaires Théorique” (Nuclear Structure and reaction Theory) at CEA-Saclay, DPhN (France), for one year. The contract could begin from September 2019. The extension of the contract for a second year could be envisaged in 2020.


The ESNT is a framework built to develop theoretical activities in Nuclear Structure and reactions, with strong coupling with the experimentalists. It was created by two CEA laboratories, SPN (DAM) and DPhN (DRF) carrying out research in low energy nuclear physics.  The goals of this structure is to coordinate scientific activities through the organization of workshops in collaboration with short (from few days) to long-term (few weeks) visitors, and through the works undertaken within a postdoc program. Besides pursuing his own research activity, the successful candidate will be invited to participate in the various ESNT activities and to organize a topical workshop during the contract.

The activities of the ESNT take place in the Department of Nuclear Physics (DPhN) of the CEA Saclay.
More information about the ESNT activities, the past programs and future projects, can be found at:


For their applications the candidates should prepare the following documents (in separated PDF): 

- a summary of the research activities (maximum 2 pages);

- a scientific curriculum vitae

- a list of publications and conference contributions,

- two letters of reference;

- the research project foreseen in the framework of the ESNT (maximum 4 pages), with a tentative outline of the foreseen program.

The application dossier (zip directory of the files) should be sent to the steering committee before March, 10th. The proposed projects matching the ESNT criteria will be transmitted to the scientific council. The committee meeting to select the candidate will be organized during mid-April. The decisions will be forwarded to the applicants not later than May 5th.  


Please contact us for any complementary information,


The ESNT copilots


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