Ateliers - 2020 - Workshops

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Ateliers - ESNT Workshops - 2020


Preparation in 2020 of the following ESNT workshops, postponed in 2021


 one week - Webinar

Can an Artificial Intelligence do Science?

Organizers: R.-D. Lasseri (CEA ESNT), D. Regnier (CEA DAM);

co-organizers for the workshop sessions: J.-P Ebran (CEA, DAM), G. Hupin (IPNO). 


Postponed in 2021, two weeks

Nuclear physics with antiprotons: a theory endeavor

Organizers: G. Hupin (IPNO, contact), U. Van Kolck (IPNO).
Co-organizers for the working group:  R. Lazauskas (CNRS/IPHC), J. Carbonell (IPNO).


one week

Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei -Observables of Electron-radioactive ion collisions

Organizers:  P. Delahaye (GANIL), V. Lapoux (CEA DPhN, contact), V. Somà (CEA DPhN, contact),

co-organizers for the working group: A. Chancé (DACM),  F. Flavigny (LPC Caen), A. Matta (LPC Caen).



ESNT seminar talks


  Two-, three-, and four-body scales in universal few-boson systems 
Johannes Kirscher, University of Manchester.    TALK
Seminar 11/03/2020, 14-15h

SeminarJKircherESNT11mars2020.pdf  TalkESNTJKirscher_11mars2020.pdf


ESNT working groups


Two weeks (Dec 19, Winter 2020)

Automated generation and evaluation of the many-body diagrams

in the Gorkov's Self -consistent Green's Function formalism

Extension of the 2019 project; working group: F. Raimondi (CEA ESNT), P. Arthuis (Univ of Surrey), C. Barbieri (Univ. of Surrey).



Solvers and new-generation relativistic energy density functional

Working group: R.-D. Lasseri (CEA ESNT), D. Régnier (CEA, DAM), J.P Ebran (CEA, DAM), S. Hilaire (CEA, DAM).


Two parts (4 weeks in Oct. 2019, one in 2020)
Nuclear structure in 208Pb region investigated via multi-nucleon transfer reaction
 Organizer : M.Siciliano (CEA, DPhN, contact), working group: I. Zanon (Univ. di Ferrara ; INFN-LNL), A. Goasduff (Univ.di Padova).  

2020 session to be defined about experiment -theory comparisons in the 208Pb neutron-rich region.



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