Quantum computing

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June 12-14th

PROGRAM        ProgramESNT_QC_NuclPhys_June19.pdf


Quantum computing and scientific research: state of the art and potential impact in nuclear physics


Organizers: T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay DPhN, contact), J.P. Ebran (CEA, DAM), D. Estève (CEA, SPEC; CNRS), V. Somà (DPhN, contact), A. Tichai (ESNT, contact)


The main goals of the workshop are:

1. To inform/educate the local research community on the state of the art and near-future perspectives in quantum computing;
2. To examine the fields of scientific research where quantum simulations are expected to lead to important breakthroughs;
3. To review the progress in quantum algorithms and explore the potential interplay with quantum many-body formalisms;
4. To discuss potential impact of quantum simulations on nuclear physics research.


REFERENCES given during the workshop (and after): RefQuantumComputingESNTv2019v.pdf


Exposés -TALKS- Invited speakers
Introductory lecture

Anthony Leverrier (INRIA)
Part I: Basic quantum mechanical principles of quantum computing      LectureI_ESNT_QC_ALeverrier_12june19.pdf
Part II: Theory of quantum algorithms                                               LectureII_ESNT_QC_ALeverrier_12june19.pdf



+ Thomas Ayral (Atos), Quantum emulators and scientific research Talk_ESNT_QC_ThAyral_13June19.pdf


+ Guillaume Colin de Verdière (CEA DAM), Teratec Quantum Computing Initiative   Talk_ESNT_QC_ColindeVerdiere_14June19.pdf


+ Pierre-Luc Dallaire-Demers (Xanadu, Toronto), Preparing correlated fermionic states on a quantum computer Talk_ESNT_QC_PLDallaireDemers_14June19.pdf

Jens Eisert (Freie Universität Berlin), Quantum advantages of quantum simulators probing strongly correlated systems and of near-term quantum computers   Talk_ESNT_QC_JEisert_13June19.pdf

+ Daniel Estève (CEA Saclay), How do we fabricate a quantum bit?     Talk_ESNT_QC_DEsteve_12June19.pdf

+ Alexei Grinbaum (CEA Saclay), Quantum foundations in the XXI century  Talk_ESNT_QC_AGrinbaum_12June19.pdf

+ Gaute Hagen (Oak Ridge National Lab), First quantum computation of an atomic nucleus Talk_ESNT_QC_GHagen_13June19.pdf

+ Thomas O’Brien (Leiden University), Quantum algorithms for strongly-correlated chemistry and physics problems   Talk_ESNT_QC_ThOBrien_13June19.pdf

+ Alessandro Roggero (INT Seattle), Nuclear dynamics with quantum computers  Talk_ESNT_QC_ARoggero_14June19.pdf

+ Alexander Tichai (CEA, ESNT), Nuclear many-body formalisms and computation Talk_ESNT_QC_ATichai_13June19.pdf

+ Jacob Watkins (Michigan State University), Nuclear physics and quantum computing Talk_ESNT_QC_JWatkins_14June19.pdf



PROGRAM (updated 28th May) 





12th June





13th June





14th June



9h15 Welcome




9h15 J. Eisert




9h15 P.-L. Dallaire-Demers



9h30 A. Leverrier (I)


10h15 Break

10h15 Break


11h Break


10h45 A. Tichai 10h45 A. Roggero


11h30 A. Leverrier (II)



11h45 G. Hagen



11h45 G. Colin de Verdière


13h Lunch   12h45 Lunch   12h45 Lunch


14h15 A. Grinbaum


  14h T. Ayral   14h J. Watkins
15h15 Break   15h Break   15h Break


15h45 D. Estève


  15h30 T. O'Brien  

15h30 Discussions

16h45 Discussions

17h45 End


16h30 Discussions

17h30 End

  16h30 End






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