Nuclear data inputs in astrophysics processes

2018-2020                          PROGRAM 


Organizers:  V. Lapoux (CEA-Saclay, DPhN), V. Somà (DPhN)


The goals of the project are:
1. To review the current progress in the elaboration of the nuclear data tables generated via HFB models and used for astrophysics codes,
2. To discuss the advances in the understanding of the impact of the nuclear structure properties on the astrophysical processes,
3. To examine the properties of the nuclear equations of state (EOS) produced by the nuclear theory approaches validated by comparison with extended nuclear data sets. The final scope will be to check with experts of nuclear astrophysics the characteristics of the families of EOS obtained from infinite nuclear matter calculations, and their potential impact on the astrophysical calculations of the neutron stars.


This program follows the 2-day session organized in December 2017 to discuss about the nucleosynthesis and the links between the equations of state and the coalescence of neutron stars. See: 7-8 Dec 2017 session.



Exposés -TALKS- Invited speakers




ESNT-DPhN Seminar about the EOS for neutron stars, 2nd Feb. 2018 

Micaela Oertel (LUTH, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), Probing ultra dense (and hot) matter TalkESNT_MOertel_2Feb18.pdf





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