Nuclear data inputs in astrophysics processes - part I

7-8th December 2017. First session of the general workshop (various group sessions to be scheduled in 2019-2021).  


Nuclear structure inputs, nucleosynthesis and Equation of state of nuclear matter




This two-day discussions anticipate and are in preparation for a longer programme that will take place in autumn 2018; see the link:
Nuclear data inputs in astrophysics processes


The aims of this session are:

i) to introduce the questions related to the nucleosynthesis and to the neutron stars, and their link with the nuclear data,
ii) to start the discussions related to the questions of the equations of state of the nuclear matter, developed within various theoretical frameworks.
On 8th, discussions are planned on: i) the r-process in neutron star mergers, ii) link between the equation of state and the coalescence of neutron stars.


Organizers: V. Lapoux (CEA-Saclay, DPhN contact), V. Somà (DPhN, contact).



Exposés - TALKS - Discussions

CEA DPhN b703, Orme des Merisiers, room 135


Thursday 7th December


  • 9h30-10h30, Lecture by Stéphane Goriely (IAA-ULB, Brussels), about the nuclear structure inputs and the nucleosynthesis:

         - Elaboration of the microscopic nuclear mass formula, based on Brussel Skyrme Forces, or on Gogny D1M forces;

         - Links between the nuclear structure and decay properties with the modelling of the astrophysical processes.



  • 13h45-14h45 Lecture by S. Goriely about the r-process nucleosynthesis and the link with the nuclear reaction properties
  • 14h45-15h30 discussions with the participants about i) the impact of the new mass and spectroscopic measurements, and ii)the neutron-nucleus optical model potentials needed to calculate the neutron capture rates.


  • 15h30-16h Break - discussions.


  • 16-18h  Equations of state of the nuclear matter (starting discussions, going on - on Friday 8th)


  I. Calculations of infinite nuclear matter from the effective NN interactions validated on the mass formula (criteria: which are in good agreement with the nuclear data sets of evaluated binding energies).

       RPA response functions in infinite nuclear matter, M. Martini  TalkESNT_MMartini_7dec17.pdf

 Discussions with S. Goriely (ULB), S. Hilaire (Nuclear Theory group of DAM SPN) and  V. Somà, T. Duguet (Nuclear theory group  of DPhN).


  II. Calculations of infinite nuclear matter from the interaction potential interactions validated on the proton scattering data.               

   Speaker: H. Arellano (University of Chile).



Friday 8th December


  • 9h30 Discussion session on the Equation Of State from neutron matter to the neutron stars

          9h30-9h45  Ab initio calculations and equation of state, V. Somà (DPhN)

          9h50-10h40 Structure and Equation of State of Neutron Stars: General Overview, N. Chamel (ULB)


          Discussions with the participants. Properties? Standard parameterizations?

          Characteristics: dynamics, degrees of freedom taken into account (or not) : isospin, strangeness...



  • 14-18h Discussions about the nuclear EOS used in the astrophysical processes. What are the ones used in the articles about the astrophysical observational results, related to the gravitational waves? 


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