The tower of the effective field theories and the emergence of the nuclear phenomena

16th -20th January 2017           PROGRAM          ESNTemergenceEFT5janv17.pdf
(5th January; see the last update of the program below)


Organizers: V. Bontems (CEA-Saclay LARSIM), T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay SPhN ), S. Gandolfi (LANL, Los Alamos), G. Hagen (ORNL, Oak Ridge), J.D. Holt (TRIUMF, Vancouver), J.R. Karlsen (Univ. of Bergen), S. Panebianco (SPhN).

Workshop co-organized by LARSIM (Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Sciences de la Matière) and ESNT.



The objectives of the project are:
1. to nurture the research activity of nuclear scientists by discussing its philosophical undertaking,
2. to expose scientists at large to state-of-large developments in fundamental nuclear science via the prism of associated epistemological challenges,
3. to discuss the paths forward in state-of-the-art research in low-energy nuclear theory.


Exposés -TALKS

I. Reductionism, emergence and effective theories

1. Historical and philosophical introductions to emergence, effectiveness and explanation (V. Bontems, philosopher, CEA Larsim)
2. Reductionism, holism and emergence (R. Fjelland, philosopher, Univ. of Bergen)  TalkFjelland_ESNT_16Janv17.pdf

3. Effective theories and conceptual questions for high-energy physics (A. Grinbaum, philosopher, CEA Larsim)


4. Reductionism, emergence and the renormalization group (A. Franklin, philosopher, King's College London)   TalkFranklin_ESNT_16Janv2017.pdf

5. Effective field theory for gravity and emerging phenomena (J. Donoghue, physicist) TalkDonoghue_ESNT_17Janv17.pdf

6. Tower of nuclear effective field theories: current status and perspectives (U. van Kolck, IPNO & Univ. of Arizona) TalkvanKolck_ESNT_17Janv17.pdf
7. Turning a model into a proper effective theory: the example of emergent symmetry breaking in deformed atomic nuclei

(H. A. Weidenmueller, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg)    TalkWeidenmueller_ESNT_18Janv2017.pdf

8. Emergent phenomena and partonic structure in hadrons (C. Roberts, ANL) TalkRoberts_ESNT_17Janv17.pdf

II. From the era of nuclear models to the era of nuclear effective (field) theories ?


1. Can we reliably predict nuclear forces and/or nuclei from QCD? (Z. Davoudi, MIT) TalkDavoudi_ESNT_18Janv17.pdf
2. Effective field theory for lattice nuclei: the matching of EFTs (N. Barnea, Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem)   TalkBarnea_ESNT_18Janv17.pdf
3. Effective field theory for halo nuclei (C. Ji, ECT*, INFN TIFPA)   TalkJi_ESNT_18Janv2017.pdf

4. Appropriate degrees of freedom and higher-order operators (D. Gazit, Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem)
5. Pragmatic versus rigorist view on chiral EFT(-based) inter-nucleon interactions (C. Forssen, Dpt. of Physics, Chalmers)

6. Error quantification and falsification of chiral-EFT interactions (R. Navarro Pérez, LLNL)    TalkNavarro_ESNT_19Janv17.pdf

7. Are the fundamental physics constants fine tuned from an EFT perspective? (U.-G. Meissner, Univ Bonn, FZ Jülich)  

8. Is something wrong with chiral EFT ? (H. W. Griesshammer, Inst. for Nuclear Studies, The G. Washington Univ.)

9. Experimental signatures of the emergence of shell structures and of the mean field: from macroscopic systems to the atomic
nucleus (R. Garcia-Ruiz, The Univ. of Manchester & CERN) 
10. Emergence of magic numbers from inter-nucleon interactions: necessary ingredients (C. Barbieri, The Univ. of Surrey)   TalkBarbieri_ESNT_17Jan2017.pdf
11. Can the shell-model be truly ab-initio? (R. S. Stroberg, TRIUMF)  TalkStroberg_ESNT_20Janv2017.pdf
12. Connecting nuclear forces with properties of nuclei and neutron stars (S. Gandolfi, LANL)    TalkGandolfi_ESNT_20Janv2017.pdf

13. Chaotic systems and emerging phenomena (H. A. Weidenmueller, Max Planck Institute)   TalkWeidenmueller_ESNT_20Janv2017.pdf





Monday 16th


Tuesday 17


Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd

9h15 Welcome

9h30 Donoghue

9h30 Forssen

9h30 Griesshammer

9h30 Meissner


9h30 Bontems

10h30 Coffee Break

10h30 Coffee Break

10h30 Coffee Break

11h Grinbaum 11h van Kolck 11h Davoudi

11h Navarro Pérez

11h Gandolfi

12h00 Lunch 12h Lunch                     12h Lunch

13h30 Bontems

13h30 Roberts

13h30 Ji

13h30 Gazit

13h30 Stroberg

14h30 Coffee break 

14h30 Coffee break

14h30 Coffee break

15h Fjelland 

15h Barbieri

15h Barnea

15h Garcia-Ruiz


16h Franklin 16h Discussions


16h Discussions 16h Discussions
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