Two-body current contributions in neutrino-nucleus scattering

18-22 April 2016                                                                                   

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PROGRAM     ProgramESNTnuA2016aprilvf.pdf   (version 14th April)   


Organizers:  M. Martini (ESNT, SPhN, ), M. Barbaro (Univ. of Turin; INFN), S. Bolognesi (SPP), M. Ericson (IPN Lyon and CERN), N. Jachowicz (Ghent Univ.)


The goals of the project are:
1. Discuss the different approximations made to calculate the two-body current contributions to electron- and neutrino-nucleus cross sections: methods, limitations and perspectives.
2. Benchmark models against electron-scattering data.
3. Compare the results obtained in the different approaches for the electroweak nuclear response, the neutrino double differential cross sections at fixed neutrino energy as well as folded with different neutrino fluxes.
4. Discuss the best strategies to implement the actual models in the Monte Carlo and to develop theoretical tools able to provide results for the exclusive cross sections.


Exposés -TALKS


- T.W. Donnelly, MIT, Cambridge Massachusetts, “2p-2h excitations in electron and neutrino scattering: past, present and future” (Lecture)


- T. Katori, QMU, London, “Neutrino-nucleus quasielastic cross section measurements(Lecture)   TKatori_XS_esnt16.pdf

- J.E. Amaro, UGR, Granada, “Fully relativistic treatment of pionic correlations and meson exchange currents”, amaro.pdf

- M. Barbaro, University of Turin and INFN, “Summary talk: theory”,   BarbaroSummay_esnt16.pdf

- O. Benhar, INFN and Sapienza U, Roma, “Consistency between the description of the nuclear response in the 1p1h and 2p2h sectors”, benhar.pdf

- S. Bolognesi, IRFU, SPP, CEA-Saclay, “2p-2h from an experimental point of view: future measurements, inputs and needs from theory”,


- J. A. Caballero, Sevilla U, Sevilla, “Relativistic Mean Field and Superscaling”,  Caballero_esnt16.pdf

- C. Colle, UGent, Ghent, “Final-state interactions in two-nucleon knockout reactions”, Saclay2016_CamilleColle.pdf

- A. De Pace, INFN, Torino, “The 2p -2h electromagnetic response in the quasielastic peak and beyond”,   ADePace_esnt16.pdf

- C. Giusti, Pavia University, Pavia, “NN correlations and MEC in electron scattering”,   giusti_saclay16.pdf

- R. González Jiménez, UGent, Ghent, “From quasielastic to pion production”,   Gonzalez_esnt16.pdf

- R. Gran, University of Minnesota Duluth, “Testing the IFIC Valencia model (via GENIE) against MINERvA measurement of the dip region”,  RPAMEC-20150424-SaclayGran.pdf

- Y. Hayato, ICRR Tokyo U, “2p-2h excitations in NEUT”,  Hayato_esnt16.pdf

- A. Lovato, ANL, Argonne, “Ab initio calculation of the electromagnetic and neutral-weak response functions”,   Lovato_esnt16.pdf

- M. Martini, ESNT, IRFU, SPhN, CEA-Saclay, “Inclusion of 2p-2h excitations in a RPA-based approach”, martini_esnt_2016.pdf

- K. Mc. Farland Rochester U, Rochester “Identification of nuclear effects in neutrino-carbon scattering data from the MINERvA experiment”, McFarland_esnt2016vf.pdf

- G.D. Megias, Sevilla U, Sevilla, “Meson-exchange currents and quasielastic predictions in the superscaling approach”, Megias_esnt16.pdf

- O. Moreno, Madrid U, Madrid “Semi-inclusive neutrino-nucleus (deuteron) reactions”,   moreno_cea_saclay_april2016.pdf

- U. Mosel, Giessen U, Giessen, “2p-2h excitations in GiBUU”,   Mosel_2p2h.pdf

- V. Pandey, UGent, Ghent, “Low-energy excitations and quasielastic”, VPandey_esnt16.pdf

- N. Rocco, INFN and Sapienza U, Roma, “2p2h final states in electron-carbon scattering within the spectral function formalism”,                 talk_ROCCO.pdf

- I. Ruiz-Simo, UGR, Granada, “2p-2h excitations in neutrino scattering: angular distribution and frozen approximation”, Ruiz_simo_esnt16.pdf
- J. Ryckebusch, UGent, Ghent,“Factorization of exclusive electron-induced two-nucleon knockout”, 2p2h_Paris-Ryckebusch.pdf

- F. Sanchez, IFAE, Barcelona, “Implementation of 1p1h and 2p2h excitations in 'Nieves et al.' model : an experimentalist approach 2p2h_Tensor_Nieves.pdf 

 “Summary talk: Monte Carlo and Experiments”,  Sanchez_MCexp_esnt16.pdf

- J. Sobczyk, Wroclaw U, Wroclaw, “2p-2h excitations in NuWro”,  Sobczyk_esnt16.pdf

- J. M. Udias, Madrid U, Madrid, “FSI for the lepton-nucleus scattering at multi-GeV with Global Relativistic with a Folding Optical Potential: is there room for 2p-2h contribution in the data?”,  Udias_esnt16.pdf

- T. Van Cuyck , UGent, Ghent, “Impact of short range correlations on exclusive and inclusive neutrino-nucleus cross sections”, tVanCuyck_esnt16.pdf





18th April Tuesday 19th  Wed. 20th   21st and 22nd   
Welcome     9h30 Ryckebusch   9h30 Lovato



Short term



9h45 Donnelly  10h00 Colle     10h00 Ruiz-Simo 
10h30 Break  10h30 Break  10h30 Break 
11h00 Katori 11h00 Giusti 11h00 Van Cuyck 
11h45 Benhar     11h30 De Pace  11h30 Pandey
12h15 Amaro   12h00 Rocco  12h00 Udias
12h45 Lunch   12h30 Lunch 12h30 Lunch 12h30 Lunch    
14h00 Megias       14h00 Moreno 14h00 Caballero        
14h30 Martini 14h30 Hayato 14h30 Gonzalez  
15h00 Sanchez 15h00 Gran   15h00 Sanchez  
15h30 Break   
16h00 Bolognesi 16h00 Sobczyk 16h00 Barbaro  
16h30 Mc Farland 16h30 Mosel  16h30 Discussions  
17h00 Discussions   
17h30 End 17h30 End Workshop  



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