Computation of three- and four-neutron resonance positions in the complex energy plane

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24 October-1st November 2015


PROGRAM     ProgramESNTCalc3n4n_Oct15.pdf  



Organizers : Jaume Carbonell  (IPNO), Rimantas Lazauskas (IPHC) and Emiko Hiyama (RIKEN)

ESNT Visitors ESNT associated to the project : R. Lazauskas and E. Hiyama


The 4-body problem will be reconsidered in a common work, and the main objective of the project is try to draw some conclusions about the eventual observation of the 4n resonances, at least from the perspective of the theoretical nuclear physics.


The goals of the project are to:

1. Compute using two independent methods (Faddeev-Yakubovsky and Variational Gaussian basis) the position
of 3n and 4n resonances in the complex energy plane;
2. Study the eventual experimental signature of these states.




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ESNT SEMINAR at SPhN October, 30th 2015, 11-12h, b703, Orme, room 135.

 E. Hiyama, Strangeness Nuclear Physics Laboratory, RIKEN,   Recent progress of hypernuclear physics




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