Ateliers ESNT 2007 à 2011


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ESNT workshops from 2007 till 2011




Ateliers  --  2011  --  Workshops



December 6-7   Stochastic Schrodinger equations for selected physics problems

P. Dossantos-Uzarralde, X. Antoine,  R. Marty, N .Pillet, D. Lacroix


September 12-15 Restoring broken symmetries within Energy Density Functional method (EDF)

T. Duguet, D. Lacroix, L. Robledo, D Vretenar


April 26-29 Isospin symmetry and its breaking in nuclear structure

B. Blank, L. Bonneau, N. Smirnova, N Van Giai, P. Van Isacker



Ateliers  -- 2010 -- Workshops



September 9-10:  Self-consistent Green’s function methods – From solid state to nuclear physics:
modern challenges and bridging to energy density functionals

V. Somà, C. Barbieri, P. Bozek, T. Duguet  


September 8th: Lectures - preparation of the workshop, introduction to Green's function theory.



31 May – 4 June: Superfluidity in nuclear matter, finite nuclei and ultra-cold fermion gases

J. P. Blaizot, A. Bulgac, T. Duguet, A. Schwenk


May 03-05: Nuclear magic numbers – New features far from stability – Confronting theoretical
approaches and experiment

L. Gaudefroy, S. Péru-Désenfants, N .Pillet, A. Obertelli, M. Dufour, F. Nowacki

April 12-16: The scission process – the last stage of nuclear fission

N. Carjan, H. Goutte, F. Ivanyuk




Ateliers --  2009 -- Workshops




May 18-20: Importance of continuum coupling for nuclei close to the drip lines

N. Michel, T. Duguet, M. Ploszajczak, and W. Nazarewicz


February 9-12: Structure and reaction in coupled reaction channels

 N. Keeley, V. Lapoux



Ateliers  -- 2008 -- Workshops


October: Probing pair-correlations: experimental tools and associated models

A. Obertelli, E. Khan, N. Pillet


June: Quasi-particle Random Phase approximation (lectures by J. Engel)


Dynamics of the Shell Model (lectures by P.-F. Bortignon)


April: Cross-fertilization between Shell-Model and Energy Density Functional methods

(R. Rodriguez-Guzman, T. Duguet, J. Margueron, F. Nowacki)


Février: Les jeunots en physique nucléaire de basse énergie

T. Duguet, J. Margueron, S. Péru-Désenfants, N Smirnova



Ateliers  -- 2007 -- Workshops



December: Nuclear Fission and dynamical chaos

O. Bohigas


December: Three-body scattering theory and its applications

R Lazauskas


November: Fondements de la théorie de la fonctionnelle d’énergie en physique nucléaire

K Bennaceur, T. Duguet, B. Giraud


27-28 June: Charge exchange reactions: structure and mechanism

C. Simenel


May: The density functional theory and nuclear physics (lectures by P.H. Heenen)


May 22nd: QCD, chiral symmetry and nuclear matter properties


29 January to 2nd February: Spectroscopy of transactinide nuclei

M.Bender, C. Theisen



Ateliers  -- 2006 -- Workshops



May 9-12: Theories of fission and related phenomena

K. Bennaceur, H. Goutte, Ph. Quentin


April 27-28: Pairing and collective excitations in neutron rich systems (lectures by N. Sandulescu)


February 1-2: Going beyond the mean field approximation, Generator Coordinate Method and Bohr Hamiltonian

K. Bennaceur , M. Bender


January 23-27: Workshop on Mean Field and beyond for nuclear reactions

D. Lacroix, C. Simenel




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