4 - 5 mars 2013 - Nuclear forces from effective field theory



4-5th March PROGRAM 


Exposés - Talks


M.C. Birse, Univ. Of Manchester, "Renormalization Group analysis of the two-nucleon system with pions"



D.R. Entem, Univ of Salamanca, "Infinite cut-off regularization of the chiral two-nucleon forces"



H. Griesshammer, Univ. of George Washington, Washington DC, USA, "Resonating group method and EFT forces"



R. Lazauskas, IPHC Strasbourg, "Incorporating pion-exchange three-nucleon forces in dynamical equations"




J. A. Oller, Universidad de Murcia,  “NN interactions from chiral symmetry and the dispersive N/D method including two-pion exchange”



D.R. Phillips, Ohio Univ., Athens, USA, "Chiral Nuclear Forces: An overview"     



R.G.E. Timmermans, Univ. of Groningen, "Connection between chiral forces and the Nijmegen partial-wave analysis"




M. Pavon Valderrama, IPN Orsay, "Perturbative renormalizability and power counting in the two-nucleon system"



C.-J. Yang, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, USA, "Two-nucleon system in triplet channels"  






March 4  room 135 March 5 room 135
09h15 D. Phillips

09h15 J.A. Oller

10h15 R. Timmermans 10h15 D. Entem
11h15 Break 11h15 Break
11h45 M. Birse 11h45 Discussions (M. Valderamma)
12h45 Lunch 12h45 Lunch
14h00 M. Valderamma 14h00 R. Lazauskas
15h00 C. Yang 15h00 H. Griesshammer
16h00 Break 16h00 Break
16h30 Discussions (Van Kolck ) 16h30 Discussions (T. Duguet)
17h30 End 17h30 End


















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