30 mai - 1 juin 2012 Linear Response Theory from infinite nuclear matter to finite nuclei


Présentation et programme de l'atelier




S. Baroni                         GCM and QRPA

G. Colo                            The skyrme-RPA model and the tensor force

M. Grasso                         Low energy excitations in nuclear systems: from exotic nuclei to the crust of neutron stars

P.H Heenen                      Concluding remarks

V. Hellemans                    Finite size instabilities in nuclear energy density functionals: finite nuclei

J. Navarro                        Instabilities of infinite matter and effective tensor interactions

P. Papakonstantinou         RPA++ methods with realistic interactions: why and how

A. Pastore                        Linear response theory as tool to detect instabilities in Skyrme functionals 

N. Schunck                       Finite size spin instabilities in odd mass nuclei

J. Toivanen                       Efficient solution methods for Quasiparticle Random Phase Approximation equations

M. Urban                          Collective modes in the neutron star inner crust in ultra cold atoms

N. Van Giai                       Linear response functions in infinite matter with Skyrme-type interaction




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