9 - 10 mai 2012 Fluctuations and temporal evolution in heavy-ion collisions


Présentation et programme de l'atelier





Z. Basrak              Nuclear stopping at intermediate energies - experiment versus simulation

E. Bonnet              Thermal pressure in heavy-ion collisions around Fermi energy

N. Chamel             Skyrme nuclear energy density functionals for atomic nuclei and neutron stars

V. de la Mota         The Dywan model

C. Ducoin               Clustering in nuclear matter

J. Frankland           Order parameter distributions in nuclear multifragmentation

K. Hasnaoui            Monopole oscillations in light nuclei with a molecular dynamics approach (FMD/AMD)

E. Khan                  The determination of the nuclear incompressibility

O. Lopez                Transparency in heavy-ion collisions at Fermi energy, experimental probes

A. Rios Huguet       Quantum transport in many-body systems: towards a Kadanoff Baym approach for nuclear reactions

M.F. Rivet              Experimental exlusive observables: isospin-transport effects and kinematics of composite systems

C. Simenel             The Balian-Veneroni variational principle to determine particle-number fluctuations and correlations 




M. Colonna             Stochastic transport theories as a tool to investigate nuclear dynamics

F. Sebille                Intoduction to wavelet representations and their possible interest in Quantum Mechanics


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