Nuclear many-body dynamics through barriers

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11-15 April 2022 (13-14/04 Talks)


PROGRAM  ESNT2022DynamicsBarriersF.pdf


Nuclear many-body dynamics through barriers

Organizers: C. Simenel (Australian National Univ., contact), D. Lacroix (IJCLab), D. Régnier (CEA DAM)


For detailed information, see the PROGRAM and contact the organizers (e-mail in the PDF file).



The  goals of the project are to encourage discussions and new collaborations in the following areas :


1. The description of quantum tunneling using beyond real-time-dependent mean-field techniques
2. The phenomenology of deep sub-barrier fusion and the ability of current models to predict experimental data
3. Phenomenology of potential energy surfaces (PES) topology and the role of shell effects

4. Production of improved PES for time-dependent generator coordinate method (TDGCM) calculations
5. Towards TDGCM calculations without the Gaussian Overlap Approximation

6. Interplay between internal excitations and tunneling

7. Description and interpretation of observables.


Short term visitors will be present for 5 days for collaboration purpose.

A 2 day workshop is organised on 13-14/04 with additional speakers during the same week.  


Summary document of the main issues discussed during the workshop week.   DiscussionsESNTApril2022v6.pdf
The questions are listed in order to cover all facets ranging from practical to fundamental.





— Rémi Bernard (CEA Cadarache)    Bernard_ESNT13Apr22.pdf

    PES topology and interplay with shell effects  

— George Bertsch (University of Washington)   Bertsch_ESNT14Apr2022.pdf

    Nuclear Fission Theory and EDF methods 
— Sandrine Courtin (IPHC Strasbourg)    Courtin_ESNT13Apr22.pdf

    Measurement of fusion cross-sections at astrophysical energies
— Thomas Czuba (IJCLab)   Czuba_ESNT14Apr2022.pdf

    Exploring Phase-Space methods and beyond for tunneling
— Denis Lacroix (IJCLab)    Lacroix_ESNT14Apr2022.pdf

    Stochastic Mean-Field method for fusion

— Raphaël-David Lasseri (ENS-Paris-Saclay)  Lasseri_ESNT13Apr2022.pdf 

    Nuclear discontinuities through the prism of Machine Learning
— Petar Marevic (ENS-Paris-Saclay)    Marevic_ESNT14Apr2022.pdf 

    Fission with symmetry restored energy density functional
— Patrick McGlynn (ANU Canberra)    McGlynn_ESNT14Apr2022.pdf

    Imaginary-time-dependent mean-field method to many-body tunneling
— Florian Mercier (IJCLab)   Mercier_ESNT14Apr2022.pdf

    New alpha particle radioactivity 
— Nathalie Pillet (CEA DAM DIF)   Pillet_ESNT13Apr22.pdf 

    Role of the tensor force in fission
— David Regnier (CEA DAM DIF)    Regnier_ESNT14Apr2022.pdf

    Microscopic calculation of fission product yields with particle-number projection
— Christelle Schmitt (IPHC Strasbourg)    Schmitt_ESNT13Apr2022.pdf

    Experimental Evidence for Common Driving Effects in Low-Energy Fission from Sublead to Actinides
— Cédric Simenel (ANU Canberra)    Simenel_ESNT13Apr22.pdf

    Effect of Pauli principle in nucleus-nucleus potentials in deep sub-barrier fusion 
— Anna Zdeb (CEA DAM DIF and Univ. Paris-Saclay)    Zdeb_ESNT13Apr22.pdf

    Multidimensional PES in fission of 252Cf and 258No




  Wed. 13/04 Thurs. 14/04
a.m. session

Fission (PES

and shell effects)

Methods for tunneling and fusion


R. Bernard P. McGlynn 


R. Lasseri

D. Lacroix
11h20-11h40 Break-Discussions Break-Discussions
11h40-12h20 A. Zdeb F. Mercier






14h Fission

(Methods and EDF)


Ch. Schmitt



G. Bertsch


Sub-barrier fusion

and radioactivity

14h40-15h20 C. Simenel D. Regnier
15h20-15h40 Break-Discussions Break-Discussions
15h40-16h20 S. Courtin T. Czuba
16h20-17h N. Pillet P. Marevic



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