Nuclear many-dynamics through barriers

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One week in 2022 (11-15 or 18-22 April)




Nuclear many-dynamics through barriers

Organizers: C. Simenel (Univ. Adélaïde), D. Lacroix (IJCLab, contact), D. Régnier (CEA DAM)




The  goals of the project are to encourage discussions and new collaborations in the following areas :

1. The description of quantum tunneling using beyond real-time-dependent mean-field techniques
2. The phenomenology of deep sub-barrier fusion and the ability of current models to predict experimental data
3. Phenomenology of potential energy surfaces (PES) topology and the role of shell effects

4. Production of improved PES for time-dependent generator coordinate method (TDGCM) calculations
5. Towards TDGCM calculations without the Gaussian Overlap Approximation.


A 2 day workshop will be organised during the workshop week, with three talks per session (am/pm).
Day 1.  6 talks. Sessions: sub-barrier Fusion / Many-body tunneling

Day 2.  6 talks. Sessions: Improving potential energy surfaces / Towards TDGCM without GOA




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