Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei

Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei -Observables of Electron-radioactive ion collisions


Organizers :  P. Delahaye (GANIL), Valérie Lapoux (DPhN, contact), Vittorio Somà (DPhN,contact),

Co-organizers for the working group: A. Chancé (DACM), F. Flavigny (LPC Caen), A. Matta (LPC Caen)


Experts on Electron scattering and Self-confining Ion Trap technique (SCRIT)

T. Suda (Tohoku univ), T. Wakasugi (RIKEN, Kyoto univ) and the SCRIT group



Working groups in 2023


15 Feb. 2023 11h-11h45   Kyo TSUKADA (Kyoto Univ.) Present status and future prospects of the SCRIT project  
https://irfu.cea.fr/Phocea/Vie_des_labos/Seminaires/index.php?id=4917         Talk:    TalkESNT_KTsukada_15Feb2023.pdf

15 Feb. 2023 11h45-12h Hikari WAUKE (Tohoku Univ.) Recent results of electron scattering at SCRIT facility
https://irfu.cea.fr/Phocea/Vie_des_labos/Seminaires/index.php?id=4921  Talk:    TalkESNT_HWauke_15Feb2023.pdf


 +  Electron-RI scattering at GANIL2

Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds et d'éLEctrons

Production of exotic beams, traps and electromagnetic probe 

Nuclear densities. Extraction of nucleon distributions


Previous workshops

Working groups in 2022 Electron probe for nuclear structure

Project submitted to NuPECC Long Range Plan 2024

A unique probe for nuclear structure in a future European radioactive ion –electron collider
by Valérie Lapoux, Vittorio Somà, Antoine Chancé, Pierre Delahaye, Freddy Flavigny, Adrien Matta, Alexandre Obertelli, Toshimi Suda, David Verney, Masanori Wakasugi.


2021 working groups    Electron Probe for Exotic Nuclei -Observables of Electron-radioactive ion collisions

2020  Perspectives on Electron-RI scattering at GANIL



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