Quantum computing

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June 12-14th



Quantum computing and scientific research: state of the art and potential impact in nuclear physics


Organizers: T. Duguet (CEA-Saclay DPhN, contact), J.P. Ebran (CEA, DAM), D. Estève (CEA, SPEC; CNRS), V. Somà (DPhN, contact) A. Tichai (ESNT, contact)


The main goals of the workshop are:

1. To inform/educate the local research community on the state of the art and near-future perspectives in quantum computing;
2. To examine the fields of scientific research where quantum simulations are expected to lead to important breakthroughs;
3. To review the progress in quantum algorithms and explore the potential interplay with quantum many-body formalisms;
4. To discuss potential impact of quantum simulations on nuclear physics research.


PROGRAM: to be announced before end of April. 








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