Recent advances on proton-neutron pairing and quartet correlations in nuclei

14-18th May                                         PROGRAM



Organizers:  N. Sandulescu (Nat. Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, Bucharest, contact), M. Assié (IPN Orsay), E. Khan (IPN Orsay), M. Sambataro (INFN Catania)   


The goals of the workshop are to:
1. review the most recent studies dedicated to proton-neutron pairing and quarteting,
2. analyze the recent experimental results related to proton-neutron pairing,
3. discuss possible future experiments which can probe the relevance of alpha-like degrees of freedom in nuclei.




Exposés -TALKS- Invited speakers


Potential list of speakers (to be updated in April 2018)


– G de Angelis (INFN, Padova) : effects of proton-neutron pairing on rotational properties
– Y. Ayyad (NSCL, Michigan) : proton-neutron transfer reactions in sd-shell nuclei
– D. Beaumel (IPN Orsay) : study of alpha clusters by (p,p alpha) reactions at high energy at RIKEN
– B. Borderie (IPN Orsay) : alpha condensation in excited and expanding nuclei
– B. Cederwall (KTH-Stockholm) : isoscalar aligned pairs and the spectroscopy of 92Pd
– L. Corradi (INFN. Padova) : proton-neutron pairing in multinucleon transfer reactions
– J. Dukelsky (CSIC, Madrid) : pairing in exactly solvable models
– J.-P. Ebran (CEA DAM) : clustering and localisation/delocalisation properties in nuclei
– G. de France (GANIL) : isoscalar aligned pairs in nuclei
– P. Van Isacker (GANIL) : proton-neutron pairing and spin-aligned pairs in IBM models
– Y. Kanada -En’yo (Kyoto University) : clustering in nuclei with AMD
– J. Lee (University of Hong Kong) : proton-neutron transfer reactions in sd-shell nuclei (done at RCNP- Osaka)
– A. O. Macchiavelli (LBNL) : proton-neutron transfer in 44Ti and other experiments
– G. Pottel (NSCL, Michigan) : reaction calculations for proton-neutron transfer
– M. Sambataro (INFN, Catania) : alpha-like correlations in N=Z nuclei
– P. Schuck (IPN, Orsay) : alpha particle condensation in light N=Z nuclei
– R. Subedi (JLAB) : short range correlations probed by electron scattering
– A. Vitturi (INFN, Padova) : reaction mechanisms in two-nucleon transfers

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