17-19th March 2014 - Experimental and theoretical problems around actinides for future reactors

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Organizers:  M. Kerveno (CNRS, Univ. de Strasbourg) ; M. Dupuis (CEA DAM, SPN)


The goals of the project are
1. to gather theoreticians, evaluators and experimentalists working on the inelastic scattering with actinides.
2. to present the last results concerning (n,xn) and (n,xnγ) measurements performed on actinides.
3. to present the last theoretical developments.
4. to compare experimental and theoretical results.
5. to discuss and highlight the possible improvements concerning theoretical models as well as new measurements.
6. to discuss other issues related to experimental and theoretical studies around actinides.



Exposés -TALKS


General talks 

• M. Kerveno, CNRS, IPHC, and M. Dupuis, CEA/DAM, Introduction. intro-ESNT.pdf


• E. Bauge, CEA/DAM, Lecture on inelastic scattering. ModelInelESNT_EBauge.pdf


• D. Bernard, CEA/DEN,  Importance of the neutron slowing down through 238U inelastic scattering for reactor applications and inherent nuclear structure uncertainties for the evaluation of its discrete levels.    ESNT_170314_DBernard.pdf


• R. Capote, AIEA, Challenges in nuclear data evaluation of actinide nuclei. Capote_ESNT_Actin_032014.pdf



Theoretical (n,xn) and (n,xn γ)


• S. Hilaire, CEA-DAM,  TALYS code  TALYS-ESNT-2014.pdf

• P. Romain, CEA/DAM,  What bothers me about inelastic models. romain_esnt.pdf

• T. Kawano, LANL, Theoretical issues on nuclear reactions modeling. Kawano.pdf

•  M.Dupuis, CEA/DAM,  Last development on direct nucleon inelastic scattering modeling and spin distributions. Dupuis_nxng.pdf


Experimental (n,xn) and (n,xnγ)


• A. Plompen, JRC/IRMM,  Actinide on the High Priority Request List -Experiences with modelling (n,n'γ) data using TALYS.


• A. Bacquias,  IPHC,  Last results on (n,xnγ) on 235U,238U, 232Th (?). bacquias-workshop-ESNT.pdf

• G. Henning,   ghenning_March182014.pdf


• C. Borcea, IFIN,  Surrogate reaction for inelastic reaction investigation. saclay_2014_03_borcea.pdf

•  X. Ledoux, CEA/Ganil,  Measurements at NFS. ledoux_nfs_esnt.pdf

•  G. Bélier, CEA/DAM, Integral measurement of 235U isomeric excitation by n inelastic scattering-(n,xn) reaction cross section with CARMEN @ NFS. WorkshopESNT-NXN.pdf  WorkshopESNT-U5.pdf

•  F. Gunsing, CEA/Irfu,  Minor actinide reaction cross sections at n_TOF at CERN. 20140319_ESNT_gunsing.pdf


•  S. Hilaire, CEA/DAM,  Things we have (maybe) not talked about ! ESNT-WHATELSE.pdf


CLOSING Remarks    EndWorkshopESNT.pdf   

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                            Program   ProgESNTActinidesMarch14.pdf


Room 135 17th March   Room 135 18th March   19th March
      9h00-9h45 S. Hilaire   X. Ledoux
      9h45-10h30 P.Romain   G. Bélier
10h30-11h Registration   10h30-11h  Break     Break


    11h-11h45 T. Kawano   F. Gunsing
12h30-13h45  Lunch   11h45-12h30 M. Dupuis    
13h45-14h Registration   12h30-14h00  Lunch    Lunch

M. Kerveno,


  14h00-14h45 A. Plompen   S. Hilaire
14h15-15h00 E.Bauge   14h45-15h30


G. Henning

15h00-15h45 D. Bernard  
15h45-16h00 Break   15h30-15h45 Break    
16h00-16h45 R. Capote    15h45-16h30 C. Borcea   End
16h45-17h15 Discussion   16h30-17h15 Discussion    



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