30 - 31 mai 2013 - Localization and clustering in atomic nuclei

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Exposés -TALKS


C. Beck, IPHC Strasbourg: Alpha Clustering in Nuclear Reactions Induced by Light Ions



J.P. Ebran, CEA, DAM, DIF, SPN: How atomic nuclei cluster


M. Freer, Univ. of Birmingham: Experimental challenges in nuclear clustering

M. Girod, DAM, DIF, SPN: Clusters in nuclei with the Gogny interaction


F. Gulminelli, UCBN: Similarities and differences between two aspects of nuclear clustering: stellar matter and nuclear


M. Marques, LPC Caen: Around and beyond the neutron dripline for Z<10


J.A. Maruhn, Univ of Frankfurt: Clustering in the Skyrme-force Hartree-Fock Approach


T. Neff, GSI: Clusters and Halos in Structure and Reactions of light Nuclei studied in Fermionic Molecular Dynamics


M. Ploszajczak, GANIL: Clustering in open quantum systems


P. Schuck, IPNO: alpha condensation in nuclei

D. Vretenar, Univ of Zagreb: Energy Density Functional description of nuclear clustering





Thursday, May 30th  room 135 Friday, May 31st  room 135

09h00  J.A. Maruhn


10h00  JM. Freer

10h30  P. Schuck 11h00 Break
11h30 M. Girod  11h30 M. Marques
12h30 Lunch 12h30 Lunch
14h00 C. Beck 14h00 M. Ploszajczak 
15h00  T. Neff 15h00 J.P. Ebran
16h00 Break 16h00 Break
16h30  D. Vretenar 16h30 F. Gulminelli
17h30 End 17h30 End





















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